Within the framework of Swedia Performance Philantropy we support non-profit organizations whose primary objective is giving for results. Giving for results we interpret as organizations that have the ambition to improve society and increase growth by promoting and supporting entrepreneurship. We believe that entrepreneurship leads to many good things – to mention a few; increased job opportunities and competitiviness, higher productivity, new innovations and for the individual the ability to work independently, achieve goals and channel creativity and energy.

Therfore we have decided to support a few organizations which we believe is giving for results. They have achieved this in different ways; either by motivating and inspiring young people to better lives and greater optimism for the future (Star for Life), protecting the rights of struggling entrepreneurs (Centrum för rättvisa) or by maintaining a network and association for alumni’s from the Uppsala School of Entrepreneurship (Entreprenörskolans alumniförening Uppsala). We have also been engaged in organizations fighting to eliminate poverty through education and entrepreneurship (Hand in Hand). Click on each logo to find out more about each organization and their engagements!

Hand in hand Entreprenörskolan
 Utskrift  Utskrift

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