[Stockholm 9th of January 2013] Staffan Persson, Nortal Investments AB, PledPharma’s largest shareholder, has acquired an additional 100 000 shares in PledPharma. This means that Staffan Persson’s family and company owns a total of 5,068,052 shares. After the acquisition, Nortal Investments’ stake in PledPharma is estimated to 25% of the votes and capital.

“PledPharma has just begun a key phase llb study where the company carries out a clinical trial in humans on its patented substance PledOx. If PledPharma succeeds with this study it can lead to significant opportunities for the company, as PledOx can reduce serious side effects of chemotherapy when treating cancer. Obviously one should be humble, given the development phase the company is in. But if PledPharma succeeds then shareholders will be highly rewarded”, says Staffan Persson.

Read more about PledPharma at www.pledpharma.se


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