2014-12-31 Nets completes offer to the shareholders in DIBS, following approval from the SFSA

2014-10-29  Nets Holding A/S (“Nets“)  announced a cash offer to the shareholders of DIBS Payment Services AB

2014-09-29 Cinnober Financial Technology listed on First North

2014-06-24 Investment in Intellecta AB

2014-06-12 Swedia HighP AB announces ownership in ETNetwork

 2014-05-19 ”He takes command over Aktietorget” ( in Swedish)

2014-05-12 Swedia HighP AB exit FTrack.

2014-03-07 Increased holding in Oscar Properties AB

2014-02-03 Final result in Nortal Investments AB Offer to the shareholders of Accelerator Nordic AB (publ) 

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