The Swedia story contains a number of successful growth investments. Unibet, Kentor, Pled Pharma, Ark Travel, Accelerator, Trevise, Rite, Nordic Edge, Gant, Neonet, Lexington…to mention a few since the start 1989.

We are keen to continue the tradition in partnering with excellent entrepreneurs. Our experience and knowledge will now be available in HighP, P as in Performance. Our interpretation of HighP also means a focus on growth, results, global or semiglobal ambitions, vitality and common sense.

Swedia HighP has since the start in 2011 invested in the following ventures:


Sentor Managed Security Services - Overview, Competitors, and Employees |  Breakit




DIRAC - Dirac Research AB Trademark Registration  Opti_Logo

Piteå Stadshotell


 Darkathlon  RedFlag241  
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