Swedia was founded in 1989 with an objective to invest in growth companies. The view was then, and still is, long term. Swedia invests surplus liquidity in the capital market.

Swedia has been an investor in Owell (IPO 1993, public takeover WM Data Logica 1995), Trevise Bank (acquired by Unibank 1997), Unibet (IPO 2004), Neonet (IPO 2001, public takeover Orc 2010), Ark Travel (IPO 1999, public takeover Carlson Wagonlit 2005), Gant (IPO 2006, public takeover Maus Freres 2008), Kentor (aquired by Telecomputing 2007), Nordic Edge (acquired by Intel 2011), Pled Pharma (IPO 2011) and Orc Group (public takeover Nordic Capital 2012), Spago Nanomedical (IPO 2012), Synthetic MR (IPO 2013), Cinnober Financial Technology (IPO 2014), DIBS Payment Services AB (IPO 2007, Public Take Over Nets Holding A/S 2014), The Lexington Company AB (IPO 2015).

Swedia has also been a founder of venture capital companies ITP Invest (1995) and Rite Ventures (2007). Both are disposed as of 2011. Swedia HighP is our new venture capital company.

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